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Advertise on Garden State Dining and make your
restaurant busier!

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Garden State Dining is THE most effective advertising you will ever do for your restaurant!

Heard on CBS FM, WNEW FM, WBBR "Bloomberg Business News" , and the new country station "Nash" 94.7

OK its cost efficient... But why does it work so well?

It's all in the introduction!

"Garden State Dining presents. New Jersey's Finer Restaurants!"

Since 1983 that intro has played tens of thousands of times
..The restaurants that follow pick up on all of that frequency.
This fact plus the low cost makes Garden State Dining THE most effective restaurant advertising available for fine North Jersey restaurants.

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    "The River Palm Terrace has been advertising on Garden State Dining for over 20 years. Consistently I notice an immediate boost in business… also the buzz created by radio advertising seems to carry over to the weeks ahead. Even with a great product and reputation, advertising reminders stir up past memories or help to plant future seeds. Love it!" ~ John Campbell, River Palm Terrace

    "Garden State Dining is the best advertising we have ever done...and now, the only thing we do consistently. We are up 10% over last year and in this economy that's saying something" ~ Manny Martinez, Segovia Restaurant.

    "We've had nothing but wonderful comments from people who heard our restaurant spots on Garden State Dining (and we were amazed to learn how many people told us they heard it!). Equally as amazing was the response to our Cabaret Soiree commercials. We knew when these spots were on the air, because our switchboard lit up almost immediately afterward. Keep up the good work!" ~ Mary Jane Frankel, Round Table Advertising - Representing: The Manor, Ram's Head Inn, Highlawn Pavilion and Pleasantdale Chateau

    ""I can't believe how much feed back Ive gotten from this. It was good in the 80's when Picco Lissimo was running.but I don't remember it being this responsive. Thanks for being part of a successful Grand Opening." -Mike Monaco, Picco Tavern, Hackensack

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