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Nothing generates medical leads more effectively than

Direct Response Advertising!

Radio Advertising - Contact us for advertisement on radio,TV, Co Op advertising, or ,direct response advertising We also offer advertising for college enrollment.

Since the mid 80's, CDA Media has been producing leads for the healthcare and beauty industry through Direct Response radio and TV advertising.

We have orchestrated DR campaigns for everything from laser hair removal and weight loss…to treatment for varicose veins, diabetes studies, and surgical procedures. Success stories include clients such as NYU/Langone Medical Center, Central Park Women's Imaging and Jennifer Maxx.

Because we buy time in bulk and there are no creative or production fees, you can see results with a relatively small budget... and since this is Direct Response you get those results right away!


    Dear Charlie:

    A dozen calls already and all have made appointments, which after only one day is probably better than one full year of any other ad I’ve done. You’re impressive when it comes to marketing. Like you said, spending more with the right message and media makes a difference.

    Dr James Goodnight M.D., Facial Plastic Surgeon

Call 201.670.0116 or e-mail c.dente@cda-media.com.for more information today!


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